Wednesday, 17 July 2013

God's Garden.... In Loving Memory of A Special One... !!

God looked around his Garden and found an empty place.

He then looked down upon his Earth and saw your loving face.

He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.
His Garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best.
As the days come and go and the world moves on,

I know you're still here, you'll never be gone.

On the Eve the Angel came and
took your hand,

I cried as you left for an unknown land.

But Heaven rejoiced as you came into

For your soul was a diamond, shining so bright!

 U'll never b forgotten, ever in Lyf.. !!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Have you Thanked Today...??

Are you so much engaged in work these days? Are you very much busy, or have a hactic Schedule.
But, in this daily routine work, have you distanced yourself from your loved ones?
Why So..?
why can't you give equal time to family, friends and a work.
Don't make your work so dear, that dear one's go away from you in no time.
It doesn't matter if you don't meet your near one's every day, but once in a while you must Thank them for whatever they had done for you, whatever they are doing for you, for every strength, support and motivation they provide you to face the challenges and to prove yourself.

Can't you just spent few time for thanking others, and cheerishing them for whatever they had done for you? Believe me, this would make a change. It Brings Smile on their face.

"Just Imagine, You Earned A Priceless Smile of that person."

Do all of us don't have difficulties in life? Do all of us are not busy with our schedule?
Yes- but amongst all, I'll show you, a very good and an Interesting Activity to work upon.
It will really make a difference. It will not only make someone happy, but it will make you happy also.
Take a Oath to bring Smile on face of atleast 5 people a day.
This would result into bringing Smile on the face of 35 people a week,140 people a month, and woww....1680 people a YEAR. U are a Reason for the Smile of all these peoples, who Cheerished their moments because of You - Its just Amazing.

Its my personal Experience, I do it- EveryDay.... Don't you,till yet- Start now..

Everybody wants to be praised, to get Importance amongst all. Infact, I also like, If someone appreciate my work, or anything about me. Its a common Human Tendency.
you can Thank any one in various ways, by plenty of surprises. You can Praise that person in public, can thank him/her for all they have done for you, You can give small thank you gifts, send Emails, can send a thank you cards or a letter at their home periodically, etc. This will make that person feel that, you value their presence, You have Importance of them in your Life.

Money is not all that Matters, sometimes, being wid near and dear one's, spending time with them, enjoying Family meals, a get-to-gathers, etc does matter a lot.
When, a person gives Importance only to Money in Life, he loses all Relations, he loses his all values of life, but, If One Values persons, their feelings, emotions, care, etc. Money doesn't make any Importance.

Just Don't forget- Thanking SomeOne, doesn't cost, even a single penny.
It Just costs a selfless Efforts, and a sincere Thanks from the bottom of the heart for that person.
Just go to stationary, buy some Thankyou cards, and send to all whom you want to thank, or if you are not busy, spend some time and go personally and thank someone, and be the Reason of their Smile for that moment.

Once I was reading a novel, Who Will Cry When You Die- Robin Sharma, and in that book, a very  simple 7 words were written;
                                       "LET US BE KINDER TO ONE ANOTHER."

In the End, what you will Obtain..?

This is a benevolent Act. One must try to bring smile on others face without any egotistic way. But as often, human tendency, one wants something in return. Then see, This is a Joy of Giving, Because of you, one person has enjoyed some moment of their life. you have became the reason for their smile, This would create an eternal memory of your life, and thinking of this joyfull memories, you will cheerish your own life, when nobody will be there to Help you, cheerish you.

By, this blog, I strongly want to make all people realize that, we must respect others, and Thanks all peoples, who are around us, for whatever thing they does for us. We must value their efforts and kindly respect their Importance in our life.
Kindly feel free to share if any Comments or Suggestions.
Comments and suggestions are warmly welcome.


Monday, 8 April 2013

Life is Hard, U can make it Better.

Everybody wants to be happy in Life. Isn't it?.
Yes.. we all want to live a happy Life. we all want to lead a successfull life. we want to have a great job or an successfull Business. we want to be married to Mr. Right or Mrs. Perfect. we want to have a friends that stick by us whether rain or storm. We all desire to live and worryless life. but, is it possible..?
we have a strong desire that all our problems just disappear as if they were never there. But, is it possible..?

Everybody wishes for a Good Life. But what is this terminology "Good Life" actually means.? Everybody has different perspective regarding Good Life. For one person a good life may be just having three meals a day and a roof over their head. For another, it may be having a huge mansion and a couple of million dollars in the bank. Some are happy being themselves, some wants to have all luxuries and comforts.

Though everybody have their own point of view's regarding a Good and a happy Life, perhaps, there is one Common point of view regarding Good Life, and that it " A STRESS FREE LIFE ". you want that all the comforts and luxuries you want to enjoy, must come to you by easy work. You don't want to work so hard or to Struggle much to enjoy your life. This is common human expectation. yeah-nobody wants to struggle.

Unfortunately, that is also what may be stopping you from having that great life.
The thought of all that work, all that planning, overcoming hurdles and resistance is enough to make a lot of people give up before they even start. It can all seem too overwhelming, and for many it all just doesn’t seem be worth it. It’s like being drained of energy just at the thought of running a marathon. Before you are even at the starting line the thought of all that running just scares you and tires you so much mentally you just decide not to go for it. It’s just too hard.

Once i read a novel, "The Roads Less Travelled"- by M. Scott Peck. The first Sentence in the book is,

Now, if you pick up a book and the first thing it tells you is “life is difficult” you may just think “is this book going to get reassuring and encouraging after such a start?

But, as Peck goes on to explain, once you accept that life is hard, it no longer becomes an issue that it’s difficult.

He says:
“Once we know that life is difficult- once we truly understand and accept it - then life is no longer difficult.”

In Life, you will have difficulties getting any thing you want in life. It is very rare to achieve anything in life, without putting any efforts. Only if you win a lottery, you can achieve everything without any effort, but actually that was also not free. you have to put off your laziness to rush to the store to buy the lottery ticket.

Life Is Hard- you will not achieve anything without putting any sincere efforts to really gain anything. 

If you are working, your boss may not be the nicest person of the world. you have to face challenges and tackle yourself in each and every situations to prove your skills and abilities.

If you are an Enterpreneur, running a business is not just that much easy. For successfull Business enterprise to be run, lots of struggle are there, and you have to overcome all barriers. Bringing a capital to start a business is not an easy task, but you have to do- just for one word-"SUCCESS"

You just have to accept that Life Is Hard. Once you do, you will feel better about all the circumstances. you will then not think about the hard situation, but instead, you will now think about the solutions to defeat the situation.
Now, you will be ready to handle all the situation with smooth ease.

You will no longer beat yourself up about how bad things are or how you are not doing so well in one area or another. You will realise that you are only human. You make mistakes just like everybody else. You are not perfect just like everybody else.
But don’t stop there. Accepting that life is hard does not mean that you accept every circumstance and simply go with the flow. You can make your Life Better.

See, evey coin has two sides, if one is bad, definately another has to be good. 
If on one side, Harsh words like, 'Life Is Hard' is written, just Twist the coin and see... On the Other side, the most Powerful words are written,  

That is one of the beautiful things about life. You can make your life better. You have total responsibility for what you do and how you respond to the fact that life is hard. 

As the now cliché saying goes:

“If life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

Accepting that life is hard comes with accepting that you have the responsibility to make it better. Not only do you have the responsibility to make it better, you have the ability and the power to make it better.

You see, the only person you have any control over is yourself. You cannot change other people.

“You always have choices”

No matter what situation you are in, you have a choice. No matter how bad things are, you have a choice. No matter what you think you can or cannot do, you have a choice.

Now it may not be an easy choice, by any means. It may be a very difficult choice and the road you decide to take may be a tough one. It may push you way out of your comfort zone. It may mean that in the initial period your life may get even harder than it already is. 
But it is a choice nonetheless.

A lot of times you will actually find that the choices are not as hard as you thought they were. You may just have shut off your mind from seeing those choices and possibilities because you thought you had no choice.
Once you become open to the idea that you are responsible for your life and that you have choices, you will find that you are no longer stuck just because life is hard.

At that point, life is still hard, but you have the final say. Your life becomes more meaningful and purposeful.